Best AndaSeat Kaiser Frontier Series XL: Detailed Review 2023

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AndaSeat Kaiser Frontier: As of late sent me one of their Kaiser Boondocks Series XL gaming seats to unpack and test. I’ve been dragging it through some serious hardship and presently I’m prepared to impart my discoveries to you. Peruse on to hear my contemplations and whether I believe it merits a buy.


I tracked down the AndaSeat Kaiser Boondocks Series XL in its crate on a blustery day and immediately got it inside. The container had some fair harm on one side (says thanks to FedEx), yet every one of the items inside actually looked perfect.

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To the extent that bundling goes, AndaSeat worked effectively here. The cardboard was quite thick outwardly, and seat parts within were woven together to hold everything back from moving. A more modest box contained the wheels, water power, and screw covers. You don’t typically see these pieces together in a similar box, however it worked.

This implied negligible pressing materials and less cleanup in the wake of assembling the seat. That is a success for me quickly.

Get together

The Outskirts Series XL accompanies a thick guidance booklet that AndaSeat’s known for. I can see the value in fairly nitty gritty symbolism for every language in the book (there are 13 on the whole), however I can’t resist the urge to contemplate whether there’s a more practical method for passing on this data.

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I chose to adhere to the guidance manual page for page as somebody spic and span to gathering seats could do. I had no inquiries regarding the cycle or how to assemble the pieces.

One of my annoyances are screws pre-set into the seat back that you need to eliminate prior to appending the seat. For what reason mightn’t these screws at any point be important for the 16 others fixed inside the container? I realize I sound sluggish for saying this, however an additional step needn’t bother with to be there.

Dissimilar to most different seats, the Wilderness AndaSeat Series XL didn’t accompany the armrests connected by the same token. They were quite interesting to arrange and screw into place, prompting a couple of additional snorts. The subsequent armrest was considerably more earnestly in light of the fact that I had the first in the manner and needed to ensure I adjusted the two flawlessly.

All the other things was sufficiently direct. AndaSeat’s seats have a pleasant metal aide for mounting the seat back on the actual seat which improves on the interaction. I honestly love that.

The plastic covers on one or the other side of the seat that conceal screws fit properly attractively. They sit all around ok set up yet don’t require a lot of work to eliminate. I’m interested to perceive how frequently they’ll tumble off as I move the seat around.


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FeatureAndaSeat Kaiser Frontier Series XL Gaming Chair Specs
Weight62.8 pounds
Seat Height Adjustment19.9 to 23.2 inches off the ground
Seat Width16.9 inches
Weight CapacityUp to 330 pounds
Chair MaterialPremium DuraXrta PVC Leather
Reclining Angle90° to 160°
5-Wheel Steel BaseYes
Padded 4D ArmrestsYes
Includes head cushion and lumbar support pillowYes
2-year limited warranty excluding wear and tearYes

Go along with me on an excursion through the AndaSeat Boondocks Series XL’s many highlights:

1. 4D Armrests

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When I got the armrests introduced, I was truly content with them. I concede I invested much more energy than I should ensuring they were even while building the seat.

The 4D AndaSeat development implies I can change all over, side to side, front to back, and even bend the armrests to oblige my play style. I set them and fail to remember them, which is something worth being thankful for. They’re agreeable to such an extent that I neglect they’re there night-time of playing.

2. Recline

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On the off chance that you’re a chair, this AndaSeat model finishes the work well. It doesn’t lay completely level, yet as I would see it that is somewhat extreme in any case. I can go upstanding for gaming, recline to stare at the television from a good ways, or sleep at the most minimal setting.

3. Rocker

I want a seat with a decent rocker highlight, and the AndaSeat Kaiser Boondocks Series XL doesn’t exactly arrive for me. It’s excessively solid even at its loosest setting to incline without utilizing my legs to keep it shifted back. Why bother with the component assuming I need to do practically everything? When I’m reclining, I might want to not need to apply steady power from my feet to hold the thing back from pushing ahead on me. It’s really awful, since other AndaSeat seats I’ve explored have a greatly improved lean back system.

4. Seat

The seat level is by all accounts where the AndaSeat “XL” becomes an integral factor. It’s not excessively wide for greater people (I’d say the width fits me well and I’m very thin), yet I love the way tall the seat is. Most gaming seats I’ve seen maximize at around 19 creeps off the ground. The AndaSeat Outskirts Series XL Beginnings there. I can raise it up to almost two feet off the ground assuming that I need to, which is so ideally suited for my 6′ outline. I don’t for a moment even have the seat raised the entire way to the top like each and every seat in my house is. It’s astounding.

Obviously, that implies more limited gamers might experience some difficulty contacting the floor. No problem, there are a lot of seats out there for you that sit a lot of lower than this one.

5. Headrest Pillow

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I was expecting something somewhat more sweet for the headrest pad. Held set up by cuts feed through openings in the highest point of the seat, significance there is no customizability by any means. The cushion rests underneath the criminal of my neck and feels excessively low to be truly viable. I want to raise it up a smidgen more.

There’s a lot of cushioning inside the pad however, and I really do end up utilizing it when I recline to consider an idea or envision my best course of action. It offers some solace after my child routs me again in AndaSeat Really Crush Brothers Extreme.

6. Lumbar Support Pillow

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The AndaSeat Kaiser Boondocks Series XL accompanies a bended lumbar help pad that doesn’t really join to anything on the actual seat. It’s pretty much held set up by erosion from the actual seat, however it’ll drop out or move around on you if you don’t watch out.

All things considered, I like it much more than a large number of the other lumbar cushions or underlying help I’ve seen. The pad’s actual firm and supports my lower back well while gaming. I in all actuality do need to move it up around two creeps to figure out the perfect balance in my lower back, and my body holds it set up. At the point when I incline forward or get up, I need to rearrange the pad prior to reclining once more. It’s really awful AndaSeat could never have placed a few magnets in to hold the cushion set up, however that is a minor bother.

7. Assemble Quality

Anda Seat comes through once more on a great seat. Everything feels extremely durable start to finish, and other than some normal armrest wobble. The seat’s strong when I thud down into it, and I don’t feel like anything could break or give way. It doesn’t move, squeak, or feel like self-destructing when I move around is going.

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None of the pieces stick out to me as modest or watch awkward. Likely the nearest things are the screw covers on the seat, however they mix in pleasantly with the general plan when connected.

I’ve scoured the seat through and through, and I couldn’t find a string that is awkward. The white Anda Seat logos look truly decent rather than the dark seat and proposition a pop of variety. It would make me bonkers on the off chance that these logos weren’t gotten along admirably, yet the sewing is faultless here moreover.

The wheel base here is recorded as steel, which isn’t top-level yet is plainly better compared to the plastic ones I some of the time find. I’m not stressed over it breaking any time soon, however I’m not even close to the 330-pound weight limit. The wheels are polyurethane, which is normal for gaming seats in this cost range. They appear to areas of strength for be are adequately large to move over my rug with little issue.

I’m not exactly certain what “DuraXtra” signifies, yet the PVC cowhide suits the seat well. It feels a piece coarse to the touch however still can’t seem to irritate me in any event, while gaming in shorts. I’ve never felt adhered to the seat while attempting to get up or anything. The truth will surface at some point the way that long the PVC holds up before it begins to break, however I’m wagering it will take some time.

The two pads are great quality and proposition a ton of help. There’s a great deal of firm cushioning in every one that doesn’t feel modest. I actually believe it’s a miss that the top cushion isn’t customizable, however I don’t see it in the event that I’m not reclining in the seat at any rate.

8. Comfort and Ergonomics

I’ve been sitting in my Anda Seat Kaiser Outskirts Series XL seat for a long while now (research, amirite?), and it stays an entirely agreeable seat. The casing fits me well and feels like it “embraces” me with how the seat bends forcefully up on the two sides.

My enormous test is getting up in the wake of sitting for a really long time and perceiving how sore I feel. I approve of agony in the Boondocks Series XL regardless of how long I’ve been gaming.

The cushioning all through the Andaseat is on the firmer side, which is something beneficial for me. It’s a high-thickness froth that answers well to my body as I move and change while gaming. I’ve yet to feel unsupported or left in an abnormal position on the grounds that the cushioning isn’t sufficiently responsive.

Lumbar help is vital to me. I’m happy this seat has a cushion I can move and reposition on a case by case basis to match the bend of my back and give that layer of solace I want. Since the pad’s not appended, I can change it depending on the situation, whether slumped, sitting upstanding, or in any event, leaning back.

I suggested it before, yet the headrest doesn’t exactly agree with me. It’s sort of in my upper shoulder region rather than at the rear of my head or even in the hoodlum of my neck. I feel like it restricts my capacity to sit back in the seat appropriately, and I’m continuously inclining forward more than I ought to. The actual cushioning is entirely agreeable however, and in the event that I could arrange it accurately it would be an extraordinary pad to utilize.

The armrests function admirably because of their customizability. They’re a firm elastic material yet it’s never irritated me since I can rest my whole lower arms on them as opposed to having only one strain point. You ought to likewise have the option to find a position you like, because of the four levels of development they have.


At the point when all’s said and done, the AndaSeat Kaiser Wilderness Series XL has a great deal of up-sides. It’s hearty, feels excellent start to finish, and doesn’t squeak or moan at whatever point I plunk down. Nothing on the seat looks modest, and I’d have no issue showing it off to my gaming mates.

The lumbar help cushion and level of the seat are gigantic successes for me. Both function admirably with my tallish casing and my legs aren’t in some abnormal position. There’s a lot of cushioning to go around, and the Andaseat elastic armrests are wide and agreeable.

I’m miserable that the head pad isn’t customizable, and for me this is the greatest miss of the Andaseat. It would be good to have the lumbar cushion join by magnets so I don’t need to get it back into the perfect locations each time I get up.

At $399, the Kaiser Boondocks Series XL feels suitably estimated. You don’t have top-level cowhide or an aluminum outline, however the materials you really do get are great quality for the expense. Solace is above all else, and this Anda Seat model conveys there pleasantly.

I’d prescribe the Kaiser Boondocks Series XL to a companion or relative. It checks every one of the crates of a decent Andaseat gaming seat and won’t burn through every last cent simultaneously.

What I liked about the Anda Seat Kaiser Frontier Series XL Gaming Chair
High-quality design
Very comfortable
Seat height from the floor
4D armrests
Lumbar support pillow
Lots of firm padding on the seat and back
Metal wheel base
Excellent stitching and attention to detail
Chair looks great
What I disliked about the Anda Seat Kaiser Frontier Series XL Gaming Chair
Inability to adjust the headrest pillow
Lumbar support pillow isn’t secure
Too much resistance on the rocking mechanism

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