PU Leather VS Fabric : Which One Is Best To Choose For A Gaming Chair in 2023?

Leather: In the event that you are searching for a gaming seat you most likely miracle, which sort of cover material you ought to take: PU Cowhide or texture. Relax, I have tried the two kinds of material and I will give the expert and cons of each sort.

All in all, PU Cowhide or texture for a gaming seat? PU Leather gives an exceptional focus on the seat. Contingent upon the quality it can emulate very well genuine calfskin. Likewise, it is impermeable which makes it simple to clean yet it can make you sweat all the more effectively as it traps the intensity. Texture, then again, is breathable however it isn’t so tough as PU Calfskin, and it isn’t accessible on most seats.

So this is the essential response. Nonetheless, the decision of the cover material is somewhat more confounded than that. I have a rundown of genius and cons for each kind of cover material. To know precisely which type is the most ideal best for yourself and why. Simply keep on perusing.

So what is the difference between PU Leather and Fabric

The PU Leather is the most well-known cover material that you will find. You might ask what is PU Calfskin? It is basically a fake calfskin made with Polyurethane (which is the reason we call it PU).

The principal motivation behind why PU cowhide is famous among gaming seat is the look. As I said, it can mirror the look and feel of genuine cowhide yet for a lot less expensive. Likewise, has it is manufactured, making a wide assortment of colors is simple. This is a vital element for producers as need might arise to make bright setups.

In addition, PU Leather is impermeable, which work with the cleaning as residue and different particles stay on a superficial level. Generally one wipe and you are all set. To this end when you sit on a PU Calfskin seat, you will quite often perspire more at the contact focuses. This is because of the way that it traps heat which makes you sweat.

This can be a tremendous issue in the event that you leave in a warm region, or on the other hand assuming you are somebody who sweats without any problem.

Remember that this multitude of legitimacies relies additionally upon the nature of PU cowhide. Not all PU cowhide are something similar, and modest PU calfskin can have an exceptionally terrible plastic-y smell. The quality will influence the strength of the cover material, modest seats might have a more slender and less powerful PU calfskin than a top notch seat.

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  • Seem to be genuine cowhide
  • Less expensive than genuine cowhide
  • Simple to clean
  • A wide assortment of varieties


  • Traps heat
  • Simple to harms (particularly assuming that you creature with paws like felines).

Image by SecretLab

Gaming seats leather made with texture are more extraordinary than PU Cowhide seat. That being said, increasingly more brand make items with texture in it. Or on the other hand with a mix of texture and PU Calfskin.

The leather texture utilized in gaming seats is without fail engineered. I’ve never known about regular texture in gaming seats, however perhaps it will come.

Thus, the main significant contrast is the look, you will not have a similar premium and extravagant feel of PU Calfskin. The texture is likewise the least expensive cover material you can have on a gaming seat. Thusly, gaming seats with texture will generally be more affordable.

You can have a wide assortment of variety with texture, yet makers are more centered around PU calfskin seat, so don’t find many tones for texture gaming seats.

As opposed to PU Leather, the texture is breathable. So the intensity is never again trap and it can disseminate. This is perfect for warm regions or for sweat-soaked gamers like me. Then again, this makes it entirely powerless against smear. You should be cautious in the event that you have a gaming seat in texture, if not, it could not very great search in that frame of mind of years.

For this reason it probably won’t be all around as sturdy as PU calfskin. That being said, assuming you are adequately cautious, you ought to be alright.

The nature of texture it will enormously affect the sturdiness of the cover material. That being said, texture is very modest, so even on minimal expense seats, the quality can be exceptionally nice. That is on the grounds that changing from PU calfskin to texture is a method for reducing expense for the producer.

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  • Breathable
  • The least expensive


  • Less strong than PU leather
  • Require more support

Which one is awesome

It relies upon what you are searching for. In the event that you live in a cool region, where in some cases it be can warm, and you would rather not contemplate cleaning your seat or being cautious, you most likely ought to take a PU cowhide seat.

Then again, in the event that you are the sweat-soaked person who lives in Florida, a texture gaming seat is surely a preferred thought over a PU calfskin seat.

I have tried both, and I like to pick texture assuming that this is conceivable.

Be that as it may, some PU Leather have miniature holes which makes them more breathable. So assuming that you sweat effectively yet you actually need a PU cowhide gaming seat for the look, attempt to get one like that. I don’t have a rundown of seats which have that component (yet), yet you can without much of a stretch gander at the picture of the item to check whether this is the situation.

That being said, the best thing you could get is a gaming seat with genuine calfskin.

What about real leather?

Genuine leather will give you an extraordinary focus on your gaming seat while being more tough than PU Calfskin. Genuine calfskin can keep going for quite a while perhaps 10 years in the event that you deal with it.

It is exceptionally simple to clean like PU cowhide, while as yet being breathable (on the grounds that this is a genuine skin). You won’t be irritated by the intensity of your body any longer. Likewise, genuine calfskin is hypoallergenic, which is perfect for individuals who have constant unfavorably susceptible. Also, the last advantage, you will not have plastic-y smell coming from your seat.

In any case, this isn’t something that you will find effectively, and it is extremely costly. You just find that kind of cover material in very good quality brand like Noblechairs or SecretLab.

However, in the event that you can manage the cost of it, this is the best cover material for a gaming seat by a wide margin.

Are there different kinds of material?

You could find a gaming seat which has PVC calfskin rather than PU leather. They are both fake cowhide, however the thing that matters is simply in the assembling system. PVC cowhide is made of Polyvinyl leather. PU cowhide is generally gentler than PVC leather.

From what I have seen so far no. You can find more outlandish one like the cash safe fiber that you have on PL4500. In any case, eventually, this is only texture for certain changes in it.

One more kind of “cover” are networks. You can track down them ergonomic seats, however the Vertagear Trigger Line includes a similar kind of material for the backrest.

The fact that I can imagine makes this the one in particular.

At any rate, in the event that you don’t which gaming seat to pick, I’ve recorded the 26 best gaming seats you can see as here. I’m certain you will actually want to find the gaming seat you really want in 5 min or less.

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