Best Batman Gaming Chair: July 2023 Review

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The brand-new batman chair has arrived!

Batman gaming chair is made of Secretlab NEO Hybrid Leatherette and has a shape that is similar to that of other TITAN Evo 2022 Gaming Chairs. However, it now has the new batman accents and theme as a whole. In addition, the chair has a Bat emblem that can be removed by magnet.

To keep it short, it is enlivened by “The Batman” Film featuring Robert Pattinson who depicted the caped crusader.

Although this is not the company’s first Batman-themed chair, it is unquestionably the most expensive and distinctive.

Fans have come to adore our DC seats throughout the long term; Every time a product sells out, we get customers to write and ask for more. In festival of the impending, all-new blockbuster ‘The Batman’, we chose to make a significantly more exceptional emphasis for the most genuine Batman and DC fans. We’ve included that because Batman’s gadgets and suit have always reflected his complex personality.


Batman Gaming Chair: Canadian gaming seat maker, Cybeart, declared an organization with Warner Brothers. to make another scope of items themed around The Batman 2022 film release. This item range is a continuation of the two organizations’ work together and will be an expansion to the generally existing extensive variety of establishment licenses like Human Kombat and other DC Comic books characters.

Alongside a state of the art configuration in light of the new Batman film, the batman gaming chairs likewise highlight remarkable properties, for example, Cybeart’s preeminent cowhide, cold-relieved froth seats, inbuilt lumbar help, 4D armrests, lean back 165°, seat slant 30°, PU cushioned wheel casters, and substantially more.

“We have always prided ourselves in bringing state-of-the-art designs and best in class gaming comfort via all our products, the new range of Batman 2022 gaming chairs and accessories will augment our offerings,” said Krutik Patel, Founder & CEO of Cybeart Inc.

Cybeart will send off The Batman gaming chair and extras of which the plan depends on the new Batman suit and elements a smooth dark wrap up with red and carbon fiber emphasizes all through.


1. Assembly

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Your gaming lounge will look fantastic with the Batman Warner Bros. Batman Gaming Chair. It has a polyurethane seat that is soft and comfortable to sit on. The appearance is completed by a tilting mechanism, a 4D armrest, and an aluminum base.

Check out the manual to understand it better!

2. Size

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Additionally, Secretlab asserts that it has a softly textured breathability and is up to 3.5 times more durable than SoftWeave Fabric.

A “waterfall edge” contoured seat for “greater sitting freedom” and durable heavy-duty mechanics that can recline, multi-tilt, and have lowered hydraulics are also highlighted in this.

Besides, it has a full-metal 4D armrest with Cloudswap Tech to help your wrists and elbows and a supported ADC12 aluminum wheelbase for additional soundness.

Sizes small, regular, and XL are available for this.


  • Material: Polyurethane
  • 4D armrest
  • Knee-slant system
  • 350mm aluminum star base

Intended to catch the substance of the Dull Knight himself, Batman’s symbol is embellished by means of an exact, many-sided sewing, and the seat’s supplemented by softened cowhide dark accents to ooze an unmistakable vibe inseparable from the world’s most dearest caped crusader.

Image by secretlab


1. SecretLab

Comes packaged with:

1 x Backrest sleeve
1 x Seat base sleeve

2. The warehouse

Batman Gaming Chair: Your gaming lounge will look fantastic with the Batman Warner Bros. Batman Gaming Chair. It includes a seat produced using polyurethane that feels good to sit on. A 4D armrest, shifting component and aluminum base completion the look.

3. Amazon

  • Patented High-Back Backrest shaped after King Cobra’s Hood in collaboration with DC Comics and Warner Bros. Officially licensed the Batman Gaming Chair.
  • CYBEART Preeminent PU Cowhide – Ensured by television SD to endure in excess of 200,000 Scraped spot Cycles. 10X more grounded and tough than the business standard. Every one of the tests are done by keeping natural elements into thought, for example, Mugginess, sweat or body sweat, variety quickness to light and scouring and so on.
  • COLD CURED FOAM: The batman gaming chair and backrests are made of Cold-Cured Foam, which strikes the ideal balance between firmness and softness to provide you with unparalleled support and comfort.
  • Customizable INBUILT LUMBAR Help Partake in the sumptuous and sound sitting by permitting our seat to assist with keeping your Spine in its regular arrangement. Essentially wind the handle and do something amazing.
  • 4D ARM REST – Versatile movement options include height adjustment (up and down), width adjustment (left and right), length adjustment (forward and backward), and angle adjustment (left and right up to 45 degrees). Arm Rest has inward forests to accommodate your elbow impeccably and offer the help and solace you’ve generally yearned for.

4. Subsonic

  • Minimizes back pain: Its ergonomic back impeccably follows the state of the back on account of its support at the lumbar level and safeguards against all back aggravation.
  • A ultra agreeable and safe seat: Its high thickness froth, 5 cms thick, has been uniquely intended to help a drawn out and upgraded seat for a long seat life.
  • Arm rests padded: The dark piano completion PU (extremely strong) armrests are cushioned with froth to upgrade arm rest solace and permit you to play for a few hours without feeling tired.
  • A solid framework: Made of PU (Polyurethane) both lightweight and exceptionally impressive, the batman gaming chair is intended to oppose mileage, and its Class 4 “Gas lift” level change instrument has additionally been upgraded for greatest sturdiness with day to day use.
  • Excellent completion: Its polyurethane covering is extremely simple to clean, and enriched with sewing and a logo completely weaved.
  • Ultra advantageous: With five PU castors and a batman gaming Chair seat function, you will have complete mobility for both play and work.
  • Ensure 1 year: For all normal use, the e-sport gaming chair is covered by a one-year warranty.

Technical Specifications of batman gaming chair

  • Height-adjustable seat: 40 – 52 cms.
  • Mode for a rocking chair with a balance system.
  • 5 uncompromising casters.
  • Can support 120 kilograms.
  • High thickness froth 5 cms
  • Tough, simple consideration impersonation calfskin covering (a straightforward soggy material will eliminate most regular stains).


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  • Seat level: 40 – 52cms.
  • Seat profundity: 50 cms.
  • Backrest level: 67 cms.
  • Backrest width: 47 cms.
  • Width: 60 centimeters
  • Weight: 12 Kg.


To understand more in depth about the batman gaming chair, watch the attached Youtube link below!

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