Best Pewdiepie’s Gaming Chair: August Review 2023

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Pewdiepie Chair ReviewRating
Packaging & Assembly4/5
Build Quality3.5/5
Comfort and Ergonomics4/5


In the event that you don’t have any idea who PewDiePie is, you ought to. As indicated by insights, he is the most noteworthy procuring and most famous YouTuber on earth. This person in a real sense made unthinkable things conceivable and has been procuring millions every year from posting content on his YouTube profile.

Realizing that PewDiePie is relentless in front of him making content, what stimulated my minds sort of seat he utilizes. With a little examination on the web, you can see that PewDiePie utilizes the ClutchChairz Choke Series (in his own release) which has a generally more exorbitant cost tag but on the other hand is known as one of the most outstanding gaming seats available. The way that PewDiePie utilizes it makes the seat significantly more famous – and a model that can undoubtedly take care of your requirements and keep you agreeable. Today, we are assessing the seat exhaustively.

PewDiePie And The ClutchChairz Gaming Chair

As the greatest name in the YouTube world, PewDiePie is a defender of many brands. It was inevitable before he began advancing his own gaming seat, as well. In such manner, he banded together with ClutchChairz and the Choke Series model which currently conveys his name in what is known as the ClutchChairz Choke PewDiePie Version gaming seat.

Nonetheless, what I should point from the very beginning is that regardless of the entirety of this great press and fame encompassing PewDiePie as a YouTuber and in spite of the prominence of the gaming seat – it doesn’t need to imply that this is a decent seat.

To this end I chose to arrange the seat, make this audit and show you the genuine intricate details, upsides and downsides and generally insights concerning this seat. All in all, what does this seat bring to the table?

Is The ClutchChairz Throttle Series PewDiePie Edition Well Packaged?

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The bundling for this seat is great.

I felt like I was getting a decent quality seat right when I saw the container. Everything is tight, the materials are smooth. The fundamental components are enclosed by plastic and the small screws are bundled in froth.

Each of the parts fit in the container well indeed and it appears to be that ClutchChairz knows how to bundle everything well so it fits the crate with practically no issues. There are additionally little boxes PewDiePie for every one of the more modest parts – assisting you with trying not to lose any of them (they are taped closed to not guarantee anything gets lost).

I saw no harm or unaccounted for pieces in the container.

Assembling The ClutchChairs Throttle Series PewDiePie Edition

While gathering this model, I observed that the cycle is genuinely clear and simple. ClutchChairz didn’t frustrate me.

The little bundles with screws and the allen device are inside the crate, and there are likewise PewDiePie an additional several fasteners in the event something occurred during gathering which is again a smart idea.

Image by topgamingchair

The bolts for the shifting PewDiePie component were pre-introduced in the lower part of the seat. I truly don’t have the foggiest idea why they chose to bundle a few bolts and not the others but rather generally, the whole gathering process is simple and fledglings will not have numerous issues sorting things out.

What I originally saw while introducing the shifting system was one issue with the armrests. I couldn’t get them dashed up on account of their closeness to one another (they were pre-gathered extremely close into one spot in the manufacturing plant).

Thus, I needed to relax the armrests a bit and move them further separated prior to PewDiePie gathering the shifting system and connecting them onto the seat.

Image by topgamingchair

This is again not no joking matter. Nonetheless, taking into account the strong sticker price of this PewDiePie seat, there ought to be better quality control. The screen captures underneath can show you what I mean with this.

With everything taken into account, the guidance manual is printed pleasantly and feels strong. You shouldn’t have many inquiries from the second you begin collecting the PewDiePie, ClutchChairz Choke Series.

The whole booklet is elegantly composed, engaging and accompanies a ton of subtleties on the get together cycle. Not at all like numerous producers which convey one piece of paper with directions, PewDiePie, ClutchChairs exceeds all expectations and shows you each move toward detail.

It took me around thirty minutes to collect the seat myself, even with the little issues I had.

Features Of The ClutchChairz Throttle Series (PewDiePie Edition)

There are many elements that I like about this gaming seat. The most effective way to survey them is posting them individually:

1. Armrests

The 4D armrests on the Choke Series, PewDiePie can be changed and moved this way and that. Their surface is loaded up with ¼ creeps of cushioning, which forestalls any aggravation and gives you a smooth and comfortable experience. Your elbows will like this cushioning.

Likewise, there is a side-to-side change include on the right armrest which floats without a hitch and feels decent. In any case, the left armrest doesn’t have it – it is a piece stout and more hard to change. Generally, the armrests are strong even without a button for changing their volatile development. All things considered, you shouldn’t disapprove of unintentionally knocking and additionally changing them to various positions.

2. Backrest

The rear of the seat accommodates my back impeccably. As a greater person, I can see that it leans back essentially level and supports me well. Utilizing the lean back is a smooth interaction with next to no crushing or popping while exchanging positions. Notwithstanding the way that I don’t see the level leaning back highlight for gamers helpful (I have my bed when I need to set out), this is a decent element to have.

Image by topgamingchair

3. Seat

The ClutchChairz Choke Series has a generally wide seat which goes higher and lower than the greater part of different seats. This is really great for individuals with various levels. Everything is controlled from the base, where you will find a handle that changes the shaking strain (it is enormous and simple to utilize).

The cushioning on the seat is exceptionally enormous and draws more slender as you get nearer to the backrest of the seat. While sitting in the seat, I saw that there is a bar right at the rear of the seat which sticks out and I can feel it while sitting. This is one thing that totally frustrates me and something I didn’t anticipate seeing on a $470 seat.

Image by topgamingchair

4. Shaking system

As I indicated previously, there is a shaking system with strain change and a strong shaking lock. You can prevent if from shaking or lock it in different named positions. Each of this assists your spine with settling in and gives you relief from discomfort while sitting.

5. Lumbar help

There is an extremely enormous lumbar cushion. Truth be told, this is most likely one of the biggest of the relative multitude of seats I have at any point had. The pad utilizes versatile lashes that fold over the rear of the seat as most gaming seats do.

6. Headrest

At long last, the headrest size is standard (as in different seats) – it cuts through openings toward the rear of the seat with versatile lashes. Both of the pads are of extraordinary use. They are produced with adaptable padding which is great yet not unreasonably much strong. I surmise I enjoyed having my neck “embraced” by this froth in the headrest region. In any case, things can be moved along.

The lumbar pad goes level when you hurry back to attempt to get backing and this nullifies the whole point of help in any case. Realizing that help is a major element in each gaming seat, this is something else I could do without about this model. All things considered, the lower back region is the most significant and shouldn’t have any strain while you are sitting.

Thus, while the armrests, shaking component and lumbar help (with huge cushion) are perfect, the bar which is noticeable (and you can feel it as well) on the seat alongside the lumbar pad that goes level when you attempt to hurry back to get support are the highlights I could do without in the ClutchChairz PewDiePie Choke Series gaming seat.

7. Fabricate Quality And Solace

Next up is the part where I talk about the general nature of the fundamental components, their delicacy and the solace that they convey.

In any case, the general form nature of the Choke Series is both great and strong. I was unable to track down any awful welds on the seat (as I did on the DXRacer Equation that I audited) and there are no clamors while sitting or moving around in it. The main thing I could do without are the plastic covers used to conceal the backrest bolts. It seems like ClutchChairz utilized the least expensive plastic they could to conceal the bolts – I have seen many better plastic materials on less expensive seats..

Image by topgamingchair

Next up is the sewing which is done pleasantly, even in the bended parts and around the logo in the backrest region. The lines are spotless and tight and there are no missing join that I could without much of a stretch find. Made of metal, the base gives no indications of imperfections, as well. It seems as though it was powder-covered in a level dark tone and is durable and strong.

With the side covers being modest and wobbly, I additionally saw that the red pointed plastic supplements share these elements. In any case, my thought process is that ClutchChairz ought to chip away at their plastic materials and assurance pieces. This isn’t an issue which should be visible on the haggles, the two of which are made of good materials.

Image by topgamingchairs

Discussing, the wheels are effectively introduced (you simply press them into the base) and are much bigger than the DXRacer wheels. The main thing they can’t do as flawlessly as in different seats is continuing on cover surfaces – I utilized a touch of power to kick them off. Thus, try to have that at the top of the priority list.

As I previously said about the armrests, they are utilitarian and good. To certain, they might seem as though they would be hard plastic however these armrests really have a meager layer of cushioning which you can dig your elbows into and feel no distress by any means. The highest point of the armrests is a wide region with a level profile – you can undoubtedly put a jug or a cup on it and it won’t fall except if it is knock.

To polish things off, the upholstery is ClutchChairz “Dura-delicate” which feels like genuine cowhide yet in addition wears well and cleans without any problem. I believe that this upholstery feels pretty thick and appears to me that it will endure.

Same goes for the cool relieved froth cushioning (which is utilized in a few auto seats). Despite the fact that there are a few surveys where the print of the sides had focused on in a month, this was not the situation with my seat and there are no indications of wear by any means.


With everything taken into account, I would give the ClutchChairz Choke Series gaming seat a 8 out of 10 simply because of the a few things that I could have done without.

I really like how there is no button to move the armrests back and forward, similar to the froth quality, the form of the seat, and the decent above-standard highlights.

What I could do without and need to call attention to again are the modest plastic bolt covers and their red accents – I think they are truly pointless. However at that point once more, I perceive how ClutchChairz needed to make an exceptional gaming seat and why they thought of them as in any case.

Also, the subsequent thing is the bar that you can feel on the seat. This is perhaps a greater issue to address as it might represent a genuine issue to some gamers. I trust that they settle the issue soon and add a touch more froth just to cover this bar which is noticeable from the photographs.

Other than this, the ClutchChairz Choke Series PewDiePie Version is a gaming seat I would probably prescribe to a companion, particularly assuming they love the YouTuber and need to sit on the very seat that the Swedish person sits on.

I would simply need to make them mindful of my discoveries and this point by point survey so they can go with their own informed choice in the event that it’s a decent seat to purchase or not.


  • Great form quality
  • No button armrest
  • 4D armrest
  • Thick cushioning…


  • The modest plastic bolt covers
  • The bar on seat I can nearly feel

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