Best Secretlab Omega 2020 Gaming Chair Review: The entire Day Comfort

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The Secretlab Omega 2020 gaming seat offsets firm help with solace and finishes it off with fine, spill-safe cowhide and cushions you’ll revere.

With premium fake cowhide, pads that could make your bed desirous and enough armrest control to make you reevaluate seats, the Secretlab Omega 2020 gaming seat ($359) will give you (another) excuse to sit before the PC for quite a long time.

With a figured out rundown of changes and rich inclination calfskin, a treat beat our rundown of best gaming seats, however our elbows could go for somewhat more padding.


1. Design

My survey adaptation of the Secretlab Omega 2020 seat has the “Secrecy” plan, dark with machine-weaved red sewing and gold-and-white logos on the front and back. I got a remove from the 2020 logo on the backrest, since that might be convenient for a year. It’s a basic plan, and the marking stands apart the most. Nonetheless, other plan decisions are accessible (see the Other Plans segment beneath).

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Secretlab truly satisfied its namesake with its 2020 series line (named for the year it initially anticipated that it should deliver). The two seats in that line, the Titan and our Omega, highlight another sort of PU, or fake, calfskin Secretlab intended to be what it says is multiple times more grounded than normal PU.

PU represents polyurethanes, a kind of polymer said to be more grounded and harder than elastic and more adaptable than plastic while being impervious to scraped spot. All things considered, any individual who’s possessed a stripping PU-calfskin household item realizes the material isn’t that sturdy all of the time. So it’s good to hear the organization has been attempting to work on that.

The Omega 2020’s cowhide is smooth yet not tricky with extremely unpretentious surface being. The cushioning is thick, challenging to crunch and rapidly returns to its unique shape after you get up. I’ve been involving the seat for half a month and haven’t tracked down a scratch on it yet.

Secretlab backs its cases with Singapore’s Organization for Science, Innovation and Exploration (A*STAR) affirmation, which requires a measure of flex and scraped area opposition. The organization says the cowhide went through 200,000 cycles on the Martindale Scraped spot Test prior to stripping, contrasted with the 50,000 cycles standard calfskin regularly endures, as indicated by the seller.

Detailed features: Secretlab Chair Features Usage

Secretlab additionally tried the cowhide for 95% mugginess at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. More applicable to me, nonetheless, is the manner by which the upholstery battles spills. At the point when I spilled water on the seat, it moved right off and was practically evaporate before I even picked a tissue. Be that as it may, Secretlab says you shouldn’t get directly into the seat after a shower or, contrastingly, shrouded in sweat, which will debase the PH upsides of the PU cowhide and dissolve the covering.

The calfskin is firm, however not hard, because of another Secretlab invention: Cold-Fix Froth. Rather than layering bits of froth together, Secretlab stuffed the Omega 2020 with “cold-fix froth” made in strong pieces with aluminum molds. It likewise has air pockets to ingest tension and pad the body. The outcome is steady, yet giving.

The wheelbase is built up with ribs and gussets, so it shouldn’t twist or break. It’s additionally shinier than normal and has XL PU caster wheels for strength that won’t destroy your floors.

2. Fantastic Froth Pads

Might a pad at any point truly be that unique? The presentation of adaptive padding has proactively responded to that inquiry. However, the Omega 2020’s two pads – – one for lumbar help and one more for your head – – demonstrate there might be a prevalent adaptive padding pad.

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Once more, Secretlab went to the lab for the cushions, making what it calls the Secretlab Mark Adaptive padding. This incorporates a cooling gel for disseminating intensity and keeping you cool, in any event, when you’re down to your last scarcely any hit places.

These cushions aren’t simply cushion. They’re firmer yet more pliable than different cushions that accompany gaming seats. It takes a respectable measure of strain to crush them down, and when you let go, they gradually return to their unique shape. The pads’ smooth delicate texture likewise assists keep things with cooling, while at the same time making me need to sleep.

The lumbar pad is my back’s new dearest companion. It has a sharp angled plan that is thicker on the base and fills the whole bend of my back. The head cushion has a flexible tie and a non-slip tie on the back, so you could slide it down to neck level whenever wanted.

In the event that these cushions didn’t make sitting at my work area so agreeable, I’d need to bring them back home.

Secretlab Omega 2020 Gaming Seat Specs

UpholsterySecretlab Prime 2.0 PU Cowhide
Recline 85-165 degrees
All out Level (with base)50-53.5 inches (127-135.9cm)
Seat Skillet Level (with base)18-21.5 inches (45.7-54.6cm)
Backrest Height32 inches (81.3cm)
Backrest Width (shoulder level)21 inches (53.3cm)
Seating Region Width (total)22 inches (55.9cm)
Seating Region Width (place of contact)14 inches (35.6cm)
Profundity Seating Region (total)20 inches (50.8cm)
Armrest Width3.9 inches (9.9cm)
Armrest Depth10.6 inches (26.9cm)
Suggested Greatest Weight239 pounds (108.4cm)
Weight66 pounds (29.9cm)
WarrantyUp to 5 years
Cost $359

3. Assembly

Collecting the Omega 2020 took me around 2.5 hours. I would’ve had the option to fabricate the whole thing all alone, however I experienced a disappointing measure of difficulty adjusting the openings in the backrest to the sections emerging from the seat. A partner had the option to maul the pieces into adjusting appropriately. This issue isn’t remarkable however and is typically the hardest piece of building a gaming seat. In any case, simpler is in every case better.

The Omega 2020’s bundle incorporates a backrest, seat with armrests, wheelbase, 5 wheels, a slant component for the seat, a water driven cylinder for the level change, side covers for the backrest, slide-on switch handles, in addition to 4 M8 screws, 8 spring washers, 3 Philips screws (there’s an additional one, for good measure, yet you’ll require your own screwdriver) and 1 Allen wrench.

To direct your gathering process, Secretlab incorporates a monster (around 30.5 x 26 inches) sparkling banner board with guidelines. With its gigantic size, clear English and variety pictures, these are the absolute most manufacturer accommodating guidelines we’ve seen. Those guidelines are on the web, just like a video; albeit, the last option neglected to offer more detail than the composed form. What’s more, neither lets you know how to manage the arrangement issues I had.

4. Solace and Changes

Between the inviting cowhide and cushioning and how much changes accessible, the Omega 2020 is an unmistakable update from the standard office seat.

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Its firm seat upholds my weight without sinking down or feeling like a hard pile of wood. The outward calculated flanks as an afterthought give the unobtrusive advantage of giving the thighs a spot to rest would it be a good idea for you start ‘manspreading.’

There’s a switch for making the seat lower or higher (18-21.5 inches), yet I wish it approached an inch lower.

A switch on the left half of the seat empowers/cripples slant lock, which allows the seat to shift in reverse in the event that you recline. Nonetheless, at my weight, it took a great deal of power to get the seat to shift, so this is an element I could undoubtedly live without.

The thick cushioning of the calfskin likewise makes for a steady backrest without being solid, similar to the Noblechairs Legend. The backrest goes truly far back, to the place where you’re basically resting. Among this and the cushions, I’m seeing less need to at any point leave this seat. The switch for controlling this is tough with thick plastic and finger grooves. Excitingly, the seat doesn’t make a noisy clicking commotion with each backrest change. I can push ahead and in reverse without a hitch. Be that as it may, my handle once in a while gets stuck and should be constrained into its locked position.

Similarly this seat makes me dream of naptime, it can likewise assist me with feeling more engaged. With the backrest generally up (as far as possible up leaves inclining somewhat forward) and the firm calfskin cushioning, I can sit totally upstanding and feel upheld and ready, very much like while driving (indeed, I’m one of those).

Supporting the elbows are a couple of exceptionally practical armrests. By means of three sets of buttons, you can slide them all over, in and out, this way and that, or change them askew in and out (3 unique settings, extraordinary for inclining aside). This has brought me extraordinary arm solace while sitting.

Other seats’ armrests leave my elbows drifting in space or keep me from drawing nearer to the work area. With the Omega 2020, I can adapt to the manner in which I’m composing, the level of my work area and how low or high I’m sitting, or the way that nearby I’m sitting to the work area’s edge. The drawback is a portion of the changes lead to the armrests colliding with the backrest’s winged side boards. I want to slide the armrests out much further to keep away from this. Also the armrests are quite hard. Despite the fact that they’re cushioned, they’re extremely firm.

5. Guarantee

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Like past Secretlab gaming seats, the Omega 2020 accompanies a three-year guarantee. However, you can stretch out that guarantee to five years assuming you’re able to post about your seat in something like an extended time of procurement on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram openly. You can learn more here.

6. Elective Plans

On the off chance that dark with red and gold doesn’t match your style, Secretlab offers the Omega 2020 in various variety plans at a similar cost. There are two with a similar dark, red sewing and gold composition however with white or imperial blue accents, one that is dim with dark composition, or an all-dark form.

In the event that you’re willing to pay $30 more you can arrange a mind boggling Round of Privileged positions plan to recognize the Targaryen, Lannister or Obvious house, a Batman-marked seat or address MSI, Cloud9, LCS or DJ deadmau5.

Individuals with obstinate pets might need to consider selecting the texture variant, which feels like delicate, thick yarn and texture. It’s $20 more than our audit seat, however the treats and cream and charcoal blue variety plots alone are enticing.

Pros and Cons


  • Cushioning is strong yet not firm
  • Spill-safe
  • Backrest has great reach
  • Armrests have four distinct changes


  • Hard armrests
  • Backrest switch incidentally gets stuck


The Secretlab Omega 2020 gaming seat offers pretty much every sort of change you could need, including unquestionably movable armrests.

By and large, the seat isn’t incredibly solid, yet it is firm. You can relax the involvement in the 2 included cushions, which are delicate and soft dreams work out. In addition, we’ve affirmed the calfskin’s spill-opposition and premium feel.

In the event that you’re searching for a great deal of unbending nature, go for something like the Noblechairs Legend. The people who need something more supple ought to look somewhere else. Be that as it may, the Secretlab Omega 2020 offers an extraordinary harmony between those two sentiments.

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