Corsair TC 100 Model Detailed Review: Pros and Cons

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Hello everyone,

We have another seat in the house! You’ll have the option to sit and loosen up in solace for quite a long time, and have the decision between delicate texture or extravagant leatherette. The following are a couple of fast features:

  • Starting off our Casual SERIES of seats, you’ll have the option to partake in the more extensive seating and rich contact focuses.
  • Keep a sound stance while gaming or sit back and loosen up because of the Corsair TC 100 Loosened up’s high-thickness froth lumbar cushion and separable adaptable padding neck pad, and a 90-150° leaning back seat back.
  • Arrangement is a breeze with speedy and simple get together and 100mm of customizable seat level.


Gamers will let you know that one of the main bits of equipment in their fight stations is an agreeable seat for throughout the entire those long distance race gaming meetings. The Corsair TC 100 Loosened up gaming seat conveys both solace and solidness at an expense that won’t burn through every last dollar, however misses the mark in one region.

One of the main things that will attract a gamer to a specific gaming seat is its plan. The Corsair TC 100 Loosened up gaming seat includes a hustling roused plan with ergonomic full-body support. It accompanies either a texture or leatherette material with two variety choices, which are dark on dark, or dark on dim.

Corsair TC 100: ” Like a sofa on wheels.”

1. Plan and Highlights

The Corsair TC 100 Loosened up tries to make a mix of strong, pose remedying gaming seats and the rich solace found in a great deal of office seats. The strategy here is to utilize a more extensive seat with milder contact directs while remaining valid toward that notorious racer-style construct that can uphold the body for a really long time.

The Corsair TC 100 Loosened up comes in either a Rich Leatherette material or a Delicate Texture that feels like upholstery tracked down on a love seat. In the Leatherette material, the seat is just accessible in a profound Dark and Dark tone. The texture model, be that as it may, can come in a similar Dark and Dark, or in a somewhat lighter Dim and Dark. I’d have loved there to be more choices regarding plan and variety – particularly seeing as a major attract to gaming seats is how much personalization you can acquire.

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I was sent the texture Dark and Dark variation for testing, which mixes in actually pleasantly with my dark wooden work area. This texture feels exceptionally breathable – something useful for gaming seats since individuals will generally invest a ton of energy in them. Cowhide and unbreathable textures can get genuinely warm and awkward in the late spring months, however the Corsair TC 100 Loose generally feels steady and new.

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With regards to estimate, you have a 81cm backrest, 38cm seat profundity, 59.5cm backrest width, 54cm seat base width, and a wheel caster measurement of 65cm. Corsair TC 100 says the most extreme weight the seat will uphold is 120kg/264 lbs. As far as mobility, there’s a 10cm gas lift range for level changing, a 90-150° Leaning back seat back, and 65mm enemy of roll double wheel casters. The armrests are likewise completely level flexible, meaning you can coordinate it up well with one of the most incredible gaming work areas.

In the case, I got a lot of extra stray pieces to assist with gathering – I thought this was a smart idea since I was given more than the standard a couple of additional items that, can we just be look at things objectively, truly just cause you to feel like you’ve missed a screw opening some place. At last, you get the standard lumbar help pad and neck pad which lash around the rear of the seat and don’t need to be utilized on the off chance that you don’t need them.

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2. Execution

The genuine superstar with regards to the Corsair TC 100 Loose is the seat pad. I’ve evaluated a fair barely any gaming seats in my time, however for the most part I incline toward ergonomic, less unbending, office seats. I comprehend gaming seats being intended for better stance, however I as a rule find that gaming seats go excessively far in their quest for this to really be agreeable by any means. The Corsair TC 100 Loosened up felt like an ideal shelter that offered the solace and rich cushioning I like, while additionally giving my spine the help it needs a greater amount of.

This might sound odd, yet I love the activity of plunking down in this seat. From the main provisional endeavor after gathering to the most sure fall into it I’ll perform now, the Corsair TC 100 Loosened up gets you with padding in a manner causes it to feel like a sofa on wheels. Hence, it’d be a wafer for anybody searching for one of the most mind-blowing console gaming seats.

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Of its aspects, I’m all fondest of the seat profundity and width. With rich padding under you, there are a lot of positions you can participate in this seat without feeling enclosed or controlled. Indeed, gaming seats should assist with keeping up with great stance, and there are mechanics set up with the TC100 Loose to assist with that, yet at the same can we just be real for a minute.

What number of us really sit in the stance revised position we should consistently? The more extensive and more profound seat of this seat permitted me to sink into it when I felt excessively sluggish, and the additional width permitted me to sit leg over leg time and again. Indeed, I’m an oddity.

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In the event you weren’t sure that I sit in horrible positions and unquestionably have terrible stance, I’ve never loved the neck pads that accompany gaming seats. At the point when you consolidate them with the lumbar help and unbending backs so frequently present, it generally feels more to me like I’m being drooped internal considerably more than I would normally. I found the neck pad and lumbar help a piece nosy in this seat – both feel all in all too firm and like they stick out a lot from the remainder of the form. One way or the other, the lumbar help certainly assisted me with checking my stance better, so I favored having it connected.

The seat overall feels far more premium than its cost would propose – not that £200 isn’t much to consume in one go, particularly assuming you’re sprinkling out on perhaps of the best standing work area, as well, yet most of different brands are a lot pricier. It’s disheartening then, that the one section causing things to feel a smidgen more “spending plan” is the casters. Hostile to move wheels on seats like these should add comfort and a touch of wellbeing, yet in any event, when sat in the seat I found it challenging to get it going into the positions I needed to. This isn’t a seat with a ton of skill, and that is something to remember.

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Get together was genuinely normal – perhaps around thirty minutes with everything taken into account. There was not really testing about assembling the Corsair TC 100 Loose, and it felt durable once constructed. After close to 30 days of testing, it hasn’t squeaked or begun to feel free by any means – which is a good sign. One thing I would have enjoyed however is more clear get together guidelines. At the point when I found no paper directions in the case, I expected they’d be a fast Google away. Tragically, Corsair’s TC 100 nonexclusive gathering directions that fit any of its seats were somewhat elusive, and I wasn’t wholly certain the means I was following would apply to my item.

Pros & Cons


  • Space to sit leg over leg
  • Incredible lean back
  • Really comfortable
  • Agreeable And Sturdy
  • Reasonable Cost
  • Headrest And Lumbar Help Included
  • Adequate Level Change
  • Flexible Armrests
  • Seat Pad Stays Agreeable And Cool
  • Lumbar Pad Can Be Repositioned


  • Shaky 2D armrests
  • Restricted headrest movability
  • Minor get together issues
  • Headrest Cushion Position Not Ideal Tall Gamers
  • No Get together Guidelines Included


I value that both the leatherette and texture renditions of the Corsair TC 100 Loosened up come in at a similar cost, as well, as frequently you see texture gaming seats models going for somewhat more. I can affirm that not exclusively is the texture delicate as anything, it’s likewise breathable and prevents you from adhering to the surface while wearing shorts in the level of summer. Beside it being a pleasant change from testing leatherette choices, I’m happy the Corsair TC 100 Loosened up makes the delicate look way of life more feasible.

You will wind up losing your pen down the side of the reinforces yet I truly like the style. Perhaps you might store your pens down there. The conceivable outcomes are huge.


  • You’re needing a modest gaming seat: The sticker cost here is perfect for what you’re getting with regards to fabricate quality and solace.
  • You’re a smidgen on the wide side: The CORSAIR TC 100 Loose has adequate room on the back and base that you ought to have adequate room.


  • You’re taller than 6’2″: It’s for the shorties as it were.
  • You feel weak at the knees over brilliant varieties: There are no lovely tones here, just dimness.

Product Available

1. Corsair TC 100 Loosened up Gaming Seat – Leatherette (Ant-pc)

  • Hustling Propelled Plan with Loose Reinforcing: A sharp dashing roused plan with loose supporting gives a large 375mm seat width and ergonomic full-body support.
  • Extravagant Leatherette Outside: Upholstered with rich leatherette, so you can play in sumptuous solace.
  • CORSAIR TC 100 SERIES Group of Seats: Offers more extensive seating and rich contact focuses, giving you the adaptability to incline or lean back with all the help you want to sit in solace for quite a long time.
  • Included Lumbar Pad and Adaptable padding Neck Pad: An included movable high-thickness froth lumbar pad assists you with keeping a sound stance while gaming, with a separable adaptable padding neck cushion.
  • 100mm Flexible Seat Level: Easily set your seat to your ideal level thanks to a steel-development class 4 gas lift, with 100mm of development range.

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2. Corsair TC 100 Relaxed Gaming Chair (Amazon)

  • Hustling Enlivened Plan with Loose Reinforcing : An up-to-date dashing roused plan with loose reinforcing gives a spacious 375mm seat width and ergonomic full-body support.
  • Agreeable Texture Outside : Upholstered with delicate texture to keep you agreeable and cool.
  • Included Lumbar Cushion and Adaptive padding Neck Pad : An included movable high-thickness froth lumbar pad assists you with keeping a solid stance while gaming, with a separable adaptive padding neck pad.
  • 100mm Flexible Seat Level : Easily set your seat to your ideal level thanks to a steel-development class 4 gas lift, with 100mm of development range.
  • 90-160° Leaning back Seat Back : Sit way back and loosen up after a hard-won triumph, with a 90-150° lean back range.

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1. Are the armrests customizable?

Yes! The armrests of Corsair TC 100 might be changed higher, lower, or on a level plane, permitting you to find that ideal arm position where you’ll keep up with accuracy in games with solace.

2. How long is this seat’s guarantee?

Our gaming seats convey a 2-year guarantee. In the event that you experience any issues or have any inquiries, connect with our help


The consideration of both headrest and lumbar help pads gives the Corsair TC 100 Loosened up a one-up on more expensive contenders like the SecretLab Titan, which just offers a neck cushion. The restricted level flexibility of the neck cushion, in any case, may not suit taller gamers.

Assuming this is the kind of thing you consider crucial to a gaming seat, Corsair TC 100 offers the T3 Rush, which has a backrest that is 4-inches higher, a seat base that is 3-inches more extensive. It likewise incorporates 4D armrests for just $70 more than the Corsair TC 100 Loose, which can presently be found for about $211 (MSRP $249.99) for both the texture and leatherette choices.

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